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Dads Like to Talk About Money

Some Dads explain the birds and the bees. This cartoon is for the other ones.

Is your father the type who keeps his conversations short and sweet? And always asks how you're doing financially? Then this cartoon is for you.

Boy asks father about the birds and the bees and the bulls and the bears
instead of asking about the birds and the bees, boy asks dad to explain the bulls and the bears
Cartoon caption: Boy says to father, Dad, I think I'm ready for our little talk about the bulls and the bears. (Of course, this is a reference to the parent-child conversation about the birds and the bees!)

No reproduction. All Rights Reserved. Content, including cartoon © Donna Barstow 2011

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Cartoonist Donna Barstow's work has appeared in publications including The New Yorker, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, among many others.


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