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8 More Reasons to Go to Therapy

A recent Huffington Post article pointed out eight warning signs that warrant a trip to the therapist. But isn't therapy about more than just treating disorders? Read More

But do you think there is a

But do you think there is a danger of many psychologists getting bored with 'light' cases? I feel guilty sometimes if I'm not interesting enough in therapy.

In short: nope

Of course I don't speak for everyone, but I don't get bored with "light" cases. I wouldn't even consider the 8 wellness therapy examples light. We are interested and engaged if the client is invested in the work, no matter what it is. Therapists tend to feel bored when their client seems disinterested in their own goals, or completely disengaged from their emotions. And even then, it's up to the therapist to figure out why this is and help unblock the passion or help change the goal. If the work matters to you, we're probably not bored, the severity of the symptoms isn't a factor.

Therapy for normal

Great post! Something that comes to mind is Roger's concept "therapy for normals." So my question is do you feel there is anyone who would not benefit from therapy?

Yes but...

unless you're paying out of pocket, your insurance isn't going to pay for "making a good life better".

Good reasons...

I understand that money can be tight for some, so that "therapy for normals" seems more like a luxury product. That's understandable. If it is affordable, however, I see therapy as an investment in the very quality of our lives, potentially increasing the quality of every single moment of the rest of our lives, by opening us up to ourselves. So, yes, I think 'therapy for normals' is a good idea. Also, as a counsellor and psychotherapist, I never get bored with these cases. They feel just as significant as the more mental health recovery kind of cases.

John McGuirk
Your Voice Counselling, Bristol

Guilt about not being sick enough

I go to a large public clinic which handles many people in real suffering. The hospital is a part of the building, even. I feel that I take up time needed more by others, even though I have an Avoidant Attachment Disorder. Maybe others are facing suicide, psychosis, or losing their spouse or children. But I try not to let this get to me. I still have a way to go, and the therapist would clue me in, I'm sure.

8 Signs Article Inspired Song

When I read the original Huffington Post article in February 2014, I was in the process of writing an album that told the story of the depression (and subsequent issues) that I'd been going through for the previous four years.

I have now released the album, Bourbon Therapy, and here's a link to the song inspired by the article...

You can find the entire album on iTunes at

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