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Seven Questions for Daniel Amen

Seven Questions for Daniel Amen
imageThe Seven Questions project welcomes renowned brain expert and bestselling author Daniel Amen. You may have seen him preach his message of change on PBS, on bookshelves or at professional conferences. He's not simply suggesting you can change your attitude or behavior, he actually believes you can change your brain.

In an effort to illuminate the various clinical approaches to psychotherapy, this series asks the same seven questions to influential authors, theorists and policymakers. Dr. Amen, a revered and sometimes controversial figure in popular psychiatry is our honored guest today.

Daniel G. Amen (MD, Oral Roberts University, 1982) is a psychiatrist, brain imaging specialist and the CEO and medical director of Amen Clinics, Inc. (ACI) in Newport Beach and Fairfield, California, Tacoma, Washington and Reston, Virginia. ACI has the world's largest database of functional brain scans related to psychiatric medicine, now totaling nearly 50,000 scans, and the clinics have seen patients from 75 countries. Dr. Amen is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine. No stranger to the public sphere, Dr. Amen is one of the hardest working and most diverse MD's out there, sharing his wisdom in nutrition columns, on the Men's Health Q & A forum and even paid a visit to The View to discuss brain-based gender differences.

Ryan Howes, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist, writer, musician and professor at Fuller Graduate School of Psychology in Pasadena, California.


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