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Why Do Women Tend to Refrain from Romantic Window Shopping?

Window shopping—that is, browsing through goods with no intent to purchase—is a popular pastime, particularly among women. Romantic window shopping involves browsing through people with no intent to initiate a profound romantic relationship and is more popular among men. Is there any value in the two types of window shopping? And how can the gender difference be explained? Read More

Maybe you didn't realize it...

...but you just exploded the myth that "women are people-oriented, while men are object-oriented".

That's why you see so many women shopping for crap at the malls, which is prohibited under the Bill of Rights "cruel and unusual punishment" clause so far as men are concerned.

I'll take it!

A very enjoyable article.

I'm not that keen on romantic window shopping but I find that there are many "items" already sold out or are prohibitively expensive!

Still, I keep looking out for a good bargain before somebody else snaps it up!

Both can be dangerous

Both types of shopping can be dangerous.
And I would NEVER advocate flirting in the workplace....
Inter office romance, whether it is an affair or legitimate, doesn't often lead to positive outcomes.
Flirting can be fun, I just think it is better to do with someone who is actually YOURS.
Flirting with another man's wife just seems wrong to me...

Light flirting, just smiling

Light flirting, just smiling and saying good morning with no lingering looks is harmless IMO, more advanced flirting for what seems to be sport is harmful. People get led on and badly hurt, possibly even crossing lines. I'll bet most people flirted very strongly with don't even know when that person is with someone else...thus the problem. Personally, I only flirt if I want it to go somewhere.

As for regular window shopping, that's fine to walk off a buzz after dinner and chat with a sister or buddy...but I never got why people love shopping.

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