In the Name of Love

A philosopher looks at our deepest emotions

“Can men feel how much I want to have an affair?”

Recognizing the other’s emotions is a significant aspect of emotional intelligence. In romantic love this ability is considerably enhanced when you are ready to fall in love or are sexually aroused. Other people can sense your readiness or eagerness for romance, which in turn increases their attraction toward you. Can this happen after 30 years of faithful marriage? Read More

So, basically, men can sniff

So, basically, men can sniff out an easy lay.


easy ?

Guess my feelings haven't surfaced but are just burning inside. Easy lay - wrong way ?

smoldering embers - looking for oxygen
warm heart - looking for soft touchs

it's not just about getting my One can purchase that.
It's about what is missing, longed for, known and needed.
It's a short journey with a termination date. Fulfill every minute

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Aaron Ben-Zeév, Ph.D., former President of the University of Haifa, is Professor of Philosophy. His books include: In the Name of Love: Romantic Ideology and its Victims.


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