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Droidian Slips

Robot fetishism is often referred to as ASFR (i.e.,, based on the name of a now defunct newsgroup) or technosexuality. It refers more specifically to those individuals who derive sexual pleasure and arousal arising from humanoid or non-humanoid robots. But are there people out there more aroused by robots than humans? Read More

“…a strategy of

“…a strategy of denaturalization that uses the trope of technological ‘programming’ to underscore subjecthood. Like the trope of "hardwiring" used within cyberpunk as a signal of the constitution of bodies and identities in relation to networked systems of control and power, ‘programming’ serves as a metaphor for the biological and cultural matrices within which desire is articulated and pursued. ASFRians experience pleasure and agency through, in a sense, hacking the system, the visual indicators of which often take the form of a female android who has run amok, an image that is typically read as a threat”.

What? Good lawd, postmodernism has a lot to answer for.

If Only

One of the great tragetys of our time is that we
did NOT develop robotics as well as we thought we might.
If we had, everyone would have a realistic android mate,
and mass shootings like Eliot Rodgers would not occur.

Any person who waltzes in and

Any person who waltzes in and shoots a lot of other people under the guise of "I'm entitled to you, I can't have you, so I'll kill you" is crazy. Giving said person a boyfriend/girlfriend, even if they claimed lack thereof was the reason they were crazy, doesn't make them not crazy any more. It just changes the circumstances under which they're crazy--e.g. he murders his girlfriend because he thinks she's cheating or because she broke up with him or a dozen other so-called "reasons."

If you lived in the 1960's

If you lived in the 1960's and saw the T.V. shows of
that era, you would know we were promised android
girlfriends. Rodger would have been "occupied" with
other things, and wouldn't have gone on his shooting

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Dr. Mark Griffiths is a Chartered Psychologist and Director of the International Gaming Research Unit in the Psychology Division at Nottingham Trent University (UK).


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