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Behind enema lines

Klismaphilia is a very unusual variant in sexual expression in which an individual obtains sexual pleasure from receiving enemas. The little research into klismaphilia suggests that the act of receiving enemas can cause intense stimulation and produce pleasurable sensations. But what else does the scientific and psychological research tell us? Read More

Enema use

This article contains some facts that are relevant, it contains numerous inaccuracies and is humorous as it tries to make those who use enemas seem very unusual, wierd and extreme by referring to isolated cases which are clearly outliers and way off the mean for people in this group. Concrete and epoxy resin are clearly poor choices for an enema and casually included among a list of ingredients which is itself not anywhere near the regular choice for a person using enemas (with the exception of coffee for certain users) More hilarious is the generalisation that ping-pong balls are used by klismaphiliacs to retain enemas - arrived at on the strength of an isolated case way off the norm. There are purpose built retention devices or plugs available for those who want them.
Far from being a "very unusual variant in sexual expression" it is actually surprisingly common if you take the roots of this variation into consideration and combine it with the fact that enemas are part of human experience for millions of people in thousands of hospitals and homes over more than a century. Most users also appreciate the numerous health benefits which along with vastly enhanced intimacy between couples who participate in this life enriching activity, means that users have no desire to be "cured" and are quite happy with it. Because of this reason people in this group rarely present to psychologists. Consequently very little is understood about this lifestyle choice by outsiders including (and made more apparent in this article) the psychology community.

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Dr. Mark Griffiths is a Chartered Psychologist and Director of the International Gaming Research Unit in the Psychology Division at Nottingham Trent University (UK).


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