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Survival of the Fetish

Psychological research has shown that many sexual fetishes appear to be the result of early imprinting and conditioning experiences in childhood or adolescence (e.g., where sexual excitement and/or orgasm is paired with non-sexual objects or body parts) or as a consequence of strong traumatic, emotional and/or physical experience. What else does psychological research say? Read More

This entire disorder has to be BS.

In the future we will look back at this topic of Atypical sexual interests and file it together with Drepatomania, Homosexuality (as a disorder) and the other judgmental diagnoses. It is fine to expand your knowledge and understand human behavior. But to pathologise it and then realize you are wrong is not just plain stupid, its part of the unscientific nature of psychology/psychiatry. Why to still keep it in the DSM if its causes impairment is silly. Do we have a similar disorder for being impaired because you are black, or if you are NOT a homosexual, or even dont enjoy a fetish, because most fetishists enjoy a level of sexual excitement and realization that 'normal' people don't and i see the norm as impairment. The impairment that fetishists experience is DUE to the labeling by unscientific groups like psychiatry especially if a court matter is involved. The judiciary is just too stupid to realize that psychiatry isnt as sound a science that many pretend it is. Consider this - aside from the atypical aspect, why isnt french kissing a fetish. I think it meets most of the same criteria as for fetishes. Its a non sexual activity thats basically learned and imprinted with cultural underpinnings and association with sex. There is nothing inherently sexual about kissing, its all learned as a teen. There are many people that feel kissing is amongst the grossest acts you can commit and rightly so. But go out and read the BS literature about the benefits of kissing, all kinds of BS like you'll live longer etc. And for the atypical stuff - more garbage like the work done by Abel, who basically admits that its all his research based on people with problems. Here's what we need psychiatric diagnoses for BIGOTRY. For those in society with irrational delusions (Ghosts, Spirits, Godmen, Psychics, UFO Abduction, Anti Science etc) Harming individuals for religious purposes etc), people that want to LABEL others for no good reason (LIKE the entire psychiatric profession, who even have a disorder when you dont accept their unscientific diagnosis). Its 2014 and we need to be more scientific. Time for Psychiatry to become a science.

your comments

I agree completely. Psychology is for the most part ridiculous. Like Scientology, it is a bunch of guessing with no consistent result therefore it can not be accurate.

Sick bastard

Hate to bring up the think-of-the-children argument but where do you draw the line? What if someone has a "fetish" involving baby dolls and decides to move on to the real thing? I think gay should be where we draw the line at expanded acceptance for what "used to be" considered paraphilias. I'm anti-"BDSM" because I fail to see how any rational person could want to be tied up and suffocated or have their "naughty bits" chomped upon or burned with a cigarette. The sick whore who wrote Filthy Shades to Beat Your Lover should have been put in handcuffs herself and "sectioned," as the British say, for promoting this garbage in a how-to manual, her home, finances and other assets seized and the book scrubbed from all sources. The U.S. "banned" the book on how to be a hit man (A Manual for Independent Contractors); why is the other book being celebrated as "liberation"? Because murder is wrong but rape and torture are just oh-so cream-squirting hawt?

Why don't you ask the three women in Ariel Castro's house if they were just curling their toes every time he did what he did to them. "Fetishists" are sick and need to be identified so that society can be protected from their Ted Bundy-esque ilk. (Of course, that would mean detonating the A-bomb over Las Vegas, but maybe the nuclear fallout wouldn't be so bad... after all, what happens there stays there, right?)

Anyone who normalizes rape as "play" is guilty of just that, normalizing rape and desensitizing the public to the notion that it's a "normal" female kink. How soon before this is accepted as a valid defense in the courts? "She said no but didn't use the 'safe word'?" Sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't accept that. A line needs to be drawn before there is total anarchy in the streets and entire clubs devoted to the brutalization of damaged victims who are indeed mentally ill and in need of protection. Protection from perverse abusers who are mentally ill and in need of shuffling off to a leper colony. Then, if they want to eat shit, we better let them -- and decrease the Sandusky population.

The "what if" argument is not

The "what if" argument is not just a slippery slope - its not valid. 'What if' some likes regular vagina sex, and then goes on the try it on a real child? What if someone uses his index finger to pull a trigger and kill 12 people at a school? Should we cut off everyone's index fingers? In the end, its people who think they have a right to control others who are doing nothing but satisfying themselves privately are in fact acting out their bigoted 'fetish' are the problem to society. What exactly is a fetish? The only thing that distinguishes it is the fact that its Atypical (meaning that the majority of people don't participate in it). This type of behavior does not belong in a scientific set of disorders. I would suggest you read the writings of evolutionary psychologist Jessie Bering instead of relying on your instincts. If you want to establish that fetishists are the cause of any of these crimes in society and/or punishing them/identifying them/eliminating them, point out some evidence for that. The evidence i've seen says otherwise.

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Dr. Mark Griffiths is a Chartered Psychologist and Director of the International Gaming Research Unit in the Psychology Division at Nottingham Trent University (UK).


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