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The issue of online video gaming addiction is a hot issue in South East Asia, and the prevalence of problematic online gaming appears to be higher in countries such as China, South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore, than in Europe and North America. But how should video gaming addiction be treated? Read More

video game addiction

Hello, me and a friend, made a research for our school project about internet. Our main subject was gaming, so in order to see if video games are a real adiction , we took the average time of gamers playing video games in Asia, America and Europe per day.From our own search the resualts were :Asia more than 14 hours(in Asia the most "famous" answer was:all my free time,so we couldn`t just ignore this answer) , America 6-7 hours and Europe 7-8hours.
If all 3 had similar amound of hours per day then we could say that video games are addiction by thier nature, but since Asia has more than the double amound it means that what leads people to many hours of gaming is the fact that their needs for freedom, work and social relationships were not being met in real life.More or less real life problems can be a reason for someone to get addicted to any addiction, but unlike other adictions gaming doesn`t ctreate the need of playing it, it is always optional.Other addictions (like cigarettes, alcohol ,drugs, lucky games... )create a desire to spent time on them to the addicted person. Life in Asia is different from the life in America and Europe, so that could explain the big diference in gaming. Whoever not only people that have real life problems are spenting many hours in gaming. From my own experience as gamer myself i can see that many people play video games because they thing real life is boring, the truth is that video games are fun, they have beatifull worlds and there you can be totaly free.
To test if gamers find real life boring i made an experiment in my friends without them knowing anything. My friends were playing lol(league of legends) without having experience from any other kinds of online video games.Lol is a game that doesn`t have any story and you start playing all over again the same map without having any talks with your mates other than arquing or making some small strategies, this means that the game never ends and u keep playing all over again, because the battle changes u dont get bored of the game. So i introduced them to Aion( Aion is an MMORPG but unlike other MMORPGs Aion`s main reason to play is it`s awsome storyline,which means people can abandom it when they finish it), as i expteced Aion`s better graphycs and gameplay made them even forget lol, at first they were playing exacly same hours as they did with lol but in time they were meeting other people where they could speak about anything without having time isues or reports or being in rush in orber to win something as they had in lol, because in Aion you dont have to win anything, you are free to do whatever you want, so after about a year later not only they reduced the time spenting on gaming but some of them stoped playing video games(while the one who had experience of other MMORPGs didn`t change at all). That means that addiction to gaming it`s not actualy a real addiction, the problem with it comes from that, other addictions need a long time therapy in order to be cured, but in this case the solucion was actualy :doing something better and more fun than it. I chose Aion in this because an MMORPG`s world is similar to the real world and since my friends never played such game before i belive they saw some real life goods on it. After about another year of none playing when we stoped doing things together they started playing lol again and the only ones who stayed unchanged were the ones that made new friends in this 1 year and kept doing stuff with people around them while the ones who didn`t meet anyone became excacly the same( when we stoped meeting) back to where they were 2 years ago.
Because i `m not a psychologist or something and i am just a student in a computer school i wanted to ask the oppinion of people who are experts on that and see if my own research has a potencial of helping anyone or if i just say dumb things before i speak about this to other people.
Excuse my english they aren`t perfect i hope u can understand what i wrote pls answer to my email( or in coments below.

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Dr. Mark Griffiths is a Chartered Psychologist and Director of the International Gaming Research Unit in the Psychology Division at Nottingham Trent University (UK).


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