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Trait Expectations

One of the more interesting research avenues in the psychology of gambling is whether there might be a unique ‘gambling personality’, that is, a trait-cluster that marks out the gambler as a risk taker. Most research has been carried out on personality dimensions such as ‘sensation-seeking’, ‘extroversion’ and ‘locus of control’ but what does the research reveal? Read More

Gambling Addiction

Could it be much simpler then the article implies? Is it possible gamblers are just idiots? They are not as logical as people who do not have a gambling addiction.

Slow down there, yo

For 40 years, yes I admit that i shared your point-of-view that those who gamble are idiots. And in fact, I have been a long time chess player and choosen this sport because i wanted to be in control. I do not want to gamble.

Until i read 'game theory' and poker and such topics as "prisoner's dilemma", nash equilibrium, etc. And as I look deeper into the matter, i have to overthrow my previous opinions on the subject of gambling. Our brightest physicist today, as they peered deep down into the smallest particle of the universe is made of, in the real of quantum physics... ALL THEY SEE ARE PROBABILITIES. Not certainty.

Every atom of your body is holding up together to form yourself, according to probability.

Gambling, or the law of probability... could in fact be one of the most fundamental laws of the universe .. Let me give you something to think upon: deterministic people stopped right there when holding what they see as bad cards. Good gamblers continue to bet on, because they invest in future values.

In the article, it talks

In the article, it talks about there being too many different forms of gambling and too many different parameters of the act to clump them all together, which is why the studies are inconclusive and inconsistent; albeit this is true, the synonymous constituents of all forms of gambling should be looked at specifically in order to try and ascertain some sort of consistency or pattern of personality in the individuals

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Dr. Mark Griffiths is a Chartered Psychologist and Director of the International Gaming Research Unit in the Psychology Division at Nottingham Trent University (UK).


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