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Please could you explain more about the involvement of trauma in the illness. What kind of trauma causes it? Specifically, how do you deal with the effects of the trauma? Why is hoarding the behaviour chosen to deal with the trauma? Is it adaptive in some way, or does it allow people to hide from what is bothering them?

Don't Hang On

We leave this world with our Palms uncleanched.
Don't hang on.

Who died?

Someone asked about the role of trauma in hoarding.
I used to watch some of the hoarding shows on TV. After a while, I would look at the new hoarding client and wonder, "Who died?"
In many of these cases, someone close to the client had died and the collecting or pack-rat behavior got much worse after that.
Now I wonder if it matters who died or when. Knowing whose death set off the spiral doesn't change anything.
A few clients didn't seem to follow that pattern.
Of course, remember, these were TV shows, and whatever doesn't fit the producer's plan is not shown.

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Mario Garrett, Ph.D., is a professor at the school of social work, San Diego State University.


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