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Dementia and Gambling

If gambling disorder is a pathology as defined by the DSM-V, why is it that sick people are not protected? Read More

Dementia & Gambling

David Oslin says that 70 percent of those over 65 have gambled during the past year. What is his definition of gambling? Going to the casino? Playing the lottery?
I've been to a casino once this past year but I also play the lottery every week.

Any Gambling

Yes, you are absolutely right, but if you continue with the qualifier of the sentence "...and that one in 11 had bet more than he or she could comfortably afford to lose." the point I wanted to make is that this is not just entertainment. When you play the lottery you know the cost up front. Gambling in a casino --unless you set yourself limits--you do not have such limits. Frail and vulnerable people might not be in a position to make that judgement.

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