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5 Things Not to Say on Valentine’s Day

All holidays are filled with the potential for great joy…or serious disappointment. Many of us have experienced both sides during the Christmas holiday, but Valentine’s Day carries its own risks, especially if you say or do something wrong. Here are five things to avoid saying on Cupid’s day. Read More

just a thought

the entire holiday itself needs to die..its just another gulit trip and extortion attempt perpetuated by the media to guilt guys into spending a bunch of money on a woman who probably won't appreciate it anyway...here's a tip fellas tell her to buy her own d!mn flowers...that is all.

It's dissappointing to see

It's dissappointing to see blogs like this on a site like Psychology Today. It reminds me of advice columns I used to read in teen magazines when I was younger, albeit with less colorful verbiage. It seems to me if what one does and says has to be so thought out and contrived during a Valentine's date, one is spending the day with the wrong person!

Lastly, if the person who asked the author out on Valentine's day was such a "poor soul," why on earth did she accept??


People actually think Olive Garden is a place to eat?

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