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Sniffing Around for Mr. Right

Does some genetic agenda underlie our choice of mating partners? Evidence from other mammals indicates that male status influences mate choice by females, but there are also pointers to a more subtle mechanism in which a female aims for an optimal match between a male's genes and her own. Instead of seeking good genes in a mate, females may look for complementary genes. Read More

Male versus Female

The Article is very interesting, but it is based upon '1 male versus 1 female' correspondence.
We humans are distinctively different from all those experimental animals like rats etc.
A woman may have multiple choices while selecting her mating partner. Her choices may depend upon her mood - her phase of Periods - season etc.
'Ditto' for men also, except certain physical differences.
And the phenomenon of sniffing has become historic due to the eternal bombardment of all those deodorants - scents - synthetic body aromas etc. upon us.

Fine article

Fine article

Fine article

Fine article

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