How Everyone Became Depressed

The rise and fall of the nervous breakdown

Sad, Worthless, Hopeless?

Do you feel “sadness” all of the time or some of the time? 10.1 percent of the random sample said yes. That’s one in ten people who are sad more or less frequently. In a subway car with a hundred people, ten of them will be sad. Read More

College Degree

"Yet having that college degree permits people to cope."

I'm not sure it's the attainment of a college degree that helps people cope. I think it's far more likely that those who complete college come from safer and more affluent neighborhoods, more stable families, etc. than those who do not start or complete college. So they were likely coping much better even before starting college.


Another factor to consider here is that it’s not necessarily the learning of coping mechanisms in the course of a college degree which lifts people out of the emotional doldrums, but rather being able to attain one’s full intellectual potential. Those who are deprived of this opportunity, for whatever reason, have their development stunted, which can lead to frustration and discontentment. This was certainly the case for many women in the past, and is still true for those who don’t have the financial means to go to college, or whose eyes have never been allowed to open to what they might achieve. I’m sure Maslow would have a lot to say about this.

Esoteric Study Is A Must

If you are not the person you think you are, you don't
have the problems you think you have.
The only hope for contentment is to uncover your real self.

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Edward Shorter, Ph.D., is the Jason A. Hannah Professor in the History of Medicine at the University of Toronto.


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