How Everyone Became Depressed

The rise and fall of the nervous breakdown

Depression Out of Control!

At one level, this is ridiculous. At another, it is a tragedy. Because all of these youngsters will have developed some sense of psychic fragility as a result of encountering this terrifying psychiatric diagnostic machine that is simply out of control. Read More

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I deplore the pathologizing and labeling nature of the mental health industry. Blog post after blog post targets "borderline" people, narcissists, sociopaths, bipolars and those afflicted with depression. I think mental health professionals like to do this so that they can feed their egos, so they can feel like saviors: "You poor broken people, let us help you!" Meanwhile, the pathologizing label sticks and people so labeled spend their lifetime internalizing those labels and the symptoms of their "disease," flock to shrinks and psychiatrists for meds and therapy, buy dozens of self-help books, and thereby collectively spend BILLIONS to support the industry and the insatiable egos of mental health professions who don't know what the hell their doing.


Wow, you were quite insensitive to the mentally ill for someone who claims to be well-versed in their behavior. I disagree with you. While I may have my problems with big pharma, I don't think this one sample of people means every person gets misdiagnosed. Although admittedly there are some cases of pathologizing normal behavior, I believe the problem is societal trends causing increased incidences of mental illness, not over-diagnosis.

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Edward Shorter, Ph.D., is the Jason A. Hannah Professor in the History of Medicine at the University of Toronto.


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