How Everyone Became Depressed

The rise and fall of the nervous breakdown

Tossing “Major Depression” Over the Side

Fury is building against DSM and against the American Psychiatric Association for having foisted this compendium of error, blunder and myth onto the field. Read More

Psychologists are thick on

Psychologists are thick on the ground. It's easy to become one because it's a soft 'science' humanity with lots of theories and extremely few facts. It's mostly airy-fairy nonsense that somehow has become entrenched in our society.

You've convinced us that you have figured out why people tick. But you get divorced, get drunk, get on drugs and alienate your own kids just like everyone else. You're a bunch of self-righteous liars. You don't know anything about being human that every human being doesn't know. But you've convinced us to distrust our own good judgment and listen to your convoluted psycho-babble.

Where has it gotten us?

Every day we're regaled with stories of the 'latest studies' usually done by college students, on other college students. And we're supposed to extrapolate that tripe to the rest of the population??

How about some 'studies' done on adults who've held down jobs, raised kids, paid bills? I could not care less if you paid me to try to relate myself to spurious 'studies' done on a college kid who has likely never held a job, is still living on Daddy's paycheck and who's biggest concerns are grades and keggers and hooking up.

Psychology is a joke. It's considered an easy way to make a big paycheck and subsequently every man woman and child in this country will soon be a 'psychologist.' Ugh.

Look at the slick and emotionally-manipulative ads all over TV for prescription pills for depression and whatever else. You're all paid shills for the pharmacy industry. You're making your house payment off manipulating people who come to you for help, probably cuz they've been confused by all the conflicting 'theories' from psychologists that they've tried to follow.

You people are the sick ones; not us out here in gullible-land.

If only it was just that!

If people like to waste their money on psychologists, that's their problem. However, as I saw from other articles and their comments, the author is actively promoting ECT "treatment", mainly for depression. Don't trust him, he actually wants such "treatment" even for kids. At least a psychologist is just talking.

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Edward Shorter, Ph.D., is the Jason A. Hannah Professor in the History of Medicine at the University of Toronto.


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