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Why A Busy Person Should Adopt a Doggie

Dogs give you more than many people realize. Read More

What about a cat? (OK,

What about a cat? (OK, admittedly this comment is in jest. I may be a bit of a cat person but of course I'll admit dogs are usually more sociable and better at certain tasks/inspiring certain habits than cats are.)

you're fortunate

I think it's great that you are able to bring your dog to work with you! It sounds like a perfect match!

But for many super busy people, adopting a dog is not a viable option. Especially if they work long hours and the dog is home alone.

I work from home, and I do have a dog, and I love it. But a few of my neighbors have dogs who are just home alone all day, and I feel so sorry for them.

I agree about the perks of dog ownership...but only if owners are willing to invest the time and make room in their lives for their furry friends!

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