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What if School Didn't Exist? A Thought Experiment

Without school, might we learn more and enjoy learning more? Read More

Lovely story

I loved the story, but I personally couldn't imagine my life without school: prior to going to school I didn't have any friends, so if it didn't exist, I'd stay a loner for a looong time.

School Not Necessary For Education

Marty, Your lovely story illustrates the critical, yet too often ignored, distinction between education and schooling. The two are frequently opposed.

Dr. Michael R. Education

There was a time when

There was a time when education ceased to exist. We call it the Middle Ages. Didn't work so well.

And never mind the ironies of using technology created by people who were taught engineering at school, or reading the material online written by educated people.

Is this the kind of thing an education expert writes?

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