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Great questions Marty. I really enjoyed reading your post. There is one more question I would add: "Who are you?" - Answer in one sentence. Then describe yourself, tell me who are you?


Wonderful suggestion. I will add it to the article with attribution to you, Irina.

If you describe "who" you are

If you describe "who" you are in one sentence, I would hope it was a run on sentence. I am the professional me, the husband me, the father me, the sexual me, the hobby me, the philosophy me.


The question is not "what are you?" (a professional, husband, etc.), it's "who are you?".

"I am the center of my universe, the main character in my life." One sentence. :)
But you're right, most people don't know what to answer. And that's my point exactly.

Specifically I'm a carbon

Specifically I'm a carbon based life form that in the somewhat near future will reach a state of very low entropy. Saying you are the center of your own universe is sort of coffee house 2am clever but kinda meaningless too ;)

Good try!

Again, the question is not "what are you?" (Carbon based life form...), the question is "who are you?". Interesting, isn't it? Perception is a funny thing :)

If you say so, but I left the

If you say so, but I left the coffee house a long time ago. Being an atheist, and a evolutionary biologist gives one a rather pragmatic perspective on the question.

Thank you!

I'm glad you like it. It's a simple question, but a very tough one. I learn a lot about people from their answer to this question.

Who I am

I am a woman of compassion and love.

Who am I? I am everything and

Who am I? I am everything and nothing, I am everywhere and nowhere, I am the pointless point. I am Love :)

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