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Is Work-Life Balance Overrated?

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Balance - work and life

It's almost an unconscious meme to say work life balance but when you think it through, it's a stupid notion. Balancing work and life... isn't work life? As a change consultant and life coach, I'd say 99% of corporate stress is underpinned by this notion of playing work off against life. You see, it sets up the incompetent model of working stupid and coming home to compensate. What I refer to as workers compensation. In this model, who pays the price for incompetent self mastery at work? The family. This whole ignorance is encouraged by the corporate model that generates self mastery training, self-leadership it's called in corporate circles, to train people in behaviours that are functional in the workplace but 100% dysfunctional in the home. Such an example is resilience and goal setting. I teach micro balance. This means balanced at work - call it work work balance, and balanced at home, life life balance. Balanced people are balanced, not balancing. Unbalanced people are unbalanced, even on holiday. So, when I work with corporate leaders on so called work life balance, the beneficiaries are the family, the business, the team and the individual. So, if you hear someone moaning that they are looking forward to the weekend because they are exhausted from work, I'd be inclined to say the old Trump adage "your fired" for incompetence. But of course, the more compassionate option is to help that person evolve to do more in less time, instead of less in more time, and achieve that by being balanced in the hour, not the week,

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Marty Nemko is a career and personal coach based in Oakland, Ca. and the author of 7 books. 

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