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An Ode to Self-Discipline

Many people devalue such words as "duty," "soberness," and "discipline" as unduly puritanical anachronisms. Instead, should we embrace them? Read More

Are you serious?

The idea that people aren't working hard enough in the United States is absolutely ludicrous.The reason they take a "sick" day is because we have no guaranteed vacation days (unlike every other Westernized country in the world and most Asiatic countries) Work is the reason to live in this country. You exist for your job, you exist to make money for those who own your time. People work harder, for very little benefit and no recourse. The idea of "those young people, so lazy!" is a crock. Some, and very few mind that are just lazing about on their parents couches. Most people I know my age (24) have two jobs, sometimes three so they can pay rent. Over and over the idea of "just have discipline..."..."pull yourself up by your bootstraps" has produced a country where people can't even reliably get medical care. Discipline is good, and fine, but it isn't something we're lacking. I'd say most people in the US spend their time thinking they aren't doing enough, fast enough.

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