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Does Criticism Motivate More Than Praise?

To effect change, we're told to praise more than criticize. But is that necessarily true? Read More

Knowing When to Criticize

I generally agree that too much praise makes people complacent and criticism can motivate people to prove criticizers wrong, but I think the reason why people are told to praise more than criticize is because people do far more of the latter (which is easier) than the former. Also, the following quote summarizes how I, personally, feel about the use criticism:


Before opening our criticizing traps, we must assess whether the criticism would make the person more likely to try to prove you wrong or to become more inert.

I think people are generally poor at assessing others' mental states, and if people are already feeling down and they lack confidence, then the additional criticism will just beat them down even more and feel defeated. That's not motivational at all.

Does criticism motivate more than praise?

Criticism is a broad term ( to me, it means only pointing out the problem) and that includes insult more than betterment to the receiver of the criticism. For instance, I want something changed by action of another. I say, hey you did that wrong. Or, do I say, I need to get that action done so i may be able to complete my action. If you can help me I would appreciate that. Can you help me get this done in this specific way? I have corrected the wrong action. I have respected the actor who I see acting in error by asking if they can do this that i need. Input with positive results expected through communicating the desired result is not criticism. Ommission, and then a regression to a childish pointing out the problem is. Your use of the word criticism is too broad.

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