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Why You Eat Too Much...and What Can Help

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I'll show you my weight. Will you show me yours?

As I wrote in the article, I'll post my weight here. Hopefully, I'll be disciplined enough to do it daily. Perhaps that will make me feel accountable to you. Of course, you too are welcome to post your daily weight here.

Today I weigh 196.0. My target weight is 170.

My weight

194.0 today, down 2 pounds from yesterday, but I assume it's first-diet-day water weight.

Though time consuming perhaps

Though time consuming perhaps some research into into the role of angst in over eating would useful. While quitting smoking my therapist reminded me to 'not turn it into a big deal.' I don't have to give up for the rest of my life I only have to give up the next cigarette. It's working. I'm not winding myself up into a willpower battle with myself that I'll ultimately lose. I focus on the moment without the pressure of forever. Staying calm really helps. I'm applying the same principles to overeating and am finding that I make better choices when I'm not putting myself under imaginary pressure. A weekly rather than daily weigh in also helps so I don't over think the impact of a glass of water or the time of day. Oh and I understand your cheese issue - I find it difficult to have just one of anything moorish so not starting in the first place works for me. Thanks for posting - followed the link from time management.

My Weight

Hi Dr. Marty (I do like associating first names with titles),

I enjoyed your article and can certainly relate.

I've spent most of my life (since middle school) at a higher weight than I'd like. Now I'm 33, and after the winter, not in great shape, but my weight is about 140 with a goal of getting back down to 130. Both of these are lower than my high school weight.

I've struggled with weight most of my life, with a low point in my late 20's at about 220 lbs. Yes, this was after having 3 children, but it was also heavier than I'd ever imagined I could let myself go.

About that time, I separated from my now ex-husband and started to realize that I wanted to be in better shape for myself and my kids. I started working out and setting goals (including going back to school)...but most importantly, I started eating less at every meal and snacking less in between. That was not easy and I find that every spring since, I have to stop and reset those good habits again. Warmer weather helps. Still, sometimes it takes a few tries. I feel like I'm starving for days...then a little extra hungry for weeks...then after 2 - 3 weeks my body is perfectly happy with eating less.

Despite my continual winter hangups, I'm far more satisfied with my body, my eating habits and my self image at 33 than I ever have been. No special diets or websites needed. Just some extra dedication and self love. Calorie counting has been huge (It's only hard for the first couple weeks until you start to memorize all the #'s)

Btw, if you need to slow down your meal, chopsticks are highly recommended. Also, grab a smaller dinner plate (it makes you stop and think about how much to put on there in the first place).

Good luck! I'm still in the process of resetting myself for the year, but this week...I've exercised more and have eaten less. One day at a time, right?!

I love reading your articles.

Thank you, Jen

Great comment. I particularly like your emphasis on the important of self-love in losing weight. My problem is that when I'm hungry, I just love self-control. This perfectly civilized person becomes an animal who HAS to eat.

Checking in

194.2--I had a big slice of pizza, which negated an otherwise pretty disciplined eating day. (sigh.)


193, down 1 pound from yesterday. I still think it's mainly beginning-of-diet water weight. I wasn't that good.



today's weigh-in

193.5. I wasn't bad so this was disappointing.


Too good to last. I wasn't that good: 191.5. I've had this happen before, great results in the first week and 0.5 pounds per week after that--if I'm good. I'm hoping against the odds that won't happen this time.

today's weigh-in

To my pleasant surprise, 190. The tactic that seems working best is to keep the SHORT-TERM advantages in mind--for example, if I'm, for example, a pound less, my clothes will fit a little less tightly.

today-s weigh in

190.5 I was quite good yet gained a half-pound. That's to be expected-- I unexpectedly lost 2 pounds yesterday. We mustn't let one-day variations get us down.

today's weigh-in

I expected to have lost a bit yet gained 2.5 pounds: 193 this morning. No it's not the scale. It's accurate. Disappointed but daily weight varies for reasons beyond just calorie intake. I had days when I lost more than I deserved so I'll just not think about it and try to be good.

today's weigh-in

No change 192.5 pounds. I wasn't great yesterday but given the undeserved 2.5 pound gain the day before I would have expected to have lost something. Boo.

today-s weigh-in

193.5 and I wasn't that bad. (Sigh.) Then again I was 196 when I started reporting in 11 days ago.

todays weigh-in

192.0, down 1.5. And yesterday, I wasn't that good. More evidence that daily fluctuations are not meaningful. But I sense that it's still worth doing.

today's weigh-in


I wasn't bad but not great. Seeing myself not follow my own rules well enough makes me wonder about the helpfulness of how-to articles in general.

today's weigh-in


I've always hated people

I've always hated people saying "slow weight loss is better" simply because, although that might be true, what's also true is that, if I'm not seeing progress on the scale, then the amount of work that goes into monitoring my calories becomes insurmountable, emotionally. I devote hours per day to what I'll eat, how I'll eat it, how I'll exercise - I've lost 15 pounds, and have 20 to go. If I liberalize my diet AT ALL, then the weight loss stops completely. So - great job with actually posting your weight every day! And your loss thus far is awesome! Keep it up!

Thank you, Anonymous

I particularly appreciate that you like my posting my weight daily. I was afraid that readers would view it as narcissistic. I do it, yes to be accountable to you, but also to share my honest reactions to each day's weight change, in hopes it might somehow be helpful. I'm glad that, for you, it seems to be.

today's weigh-in

I was bad. I gained 1.5 pounds: 193.

When I get hungry, I become like a wild animal. I can't stop myself. I decided to go to Sweet Tomatoes, a salad bar restaurant and promised myself what I would and wouldn't eat and how much, so that I could enjoy the restaurant without getting fat. But when I got there, I ate much more.

Today's weigh-in

191.5, down 1.5 pounds...and I was bad yesterday. More evidence that daily variation doesn't say much. I do worry that having lost 1.5 pounds after a bad day will make me rationalize I can be bad again. For example, right now I have to leave and on the way to my destination is my favorite donut shop. And it's early morning so the donuts are fresher than when I usually pass. I'm not sure I'll be able to resist a cinammon roll--a truly evil item.

Daily weights

I, too, find that my weight fluctuates unfairly when I weight myself daily. But if I don't, then I stop caring enough to follow my eating plan. But those days when I'd super good, and expect to see a loss, but don't - those are such discouraging day. And then, there'll be the day that I'm not perfect, and the weight goes down - I don't understand it, and I haven't found a perfect fix for it, yet. So I keep going along, weight myself daily, but only recording a new, lower weight when I've seen it more than once on the scale. Keep up the daily weighing, though, and hopefully you'll continue to see that overall downward trend!

my daily weigh-in

The previous commenter "daily weights" pertains. Yes, I was bad yesterday but 2 1/2 pounds? That's what I gained in 1 day: 194.

my daily weigh-in

194. I wasn't that bad. I was hoping that yesterday's 2.5 pound gain was not real and I'd lose some of that today. No. (sigh)

my daily weigh-in


Other than daily weights, are

Other than daily weights, are you monitoring any other signs of weight loss/fitness? (Measuring hips, thighs etc) (or, one of my favorite techniques, a pair of jeans with no give in them - going from can't get them all the way on, to got them on but cannot button, to buttoning them and they're tight, to - hopefully - fitting fantastically). Sometimes the number on the scale only tells part of the story.


Dear most recent Anonymous,

I don't measure. I'm not that thorough. But yes, as I get dressed, I look for signs of fitting more easily in my pants. Not yet. (sigh.) Thanks for caring.

Part of the problem is eating a science-free diet

Cutting high-carb, low-fat food and eating according to evidence-based science -- a fatty, meat- and non-starchy-vegetable-filled diet -- would likely cure you from feeling you should overeat.

Look into the work of Gary Taubes, Dr. Michael Eades, Dr. Peter Attia, Denise Minger's recent book, and Nina Teicholz', among others. Dietary researcher Dr. Jeff Volek's work is also worth looking at.

Best wishes, -Amy Alkon, science-based syndicated columnist

What diet

Hi Amy,

Every responsible diet I know recommends a diet of mainly vegetables, some fruit, legumes, and a small proportion of other stuff.

Alas, I know that. Everyone knows that. But I can't seem to make myself be perfect enough--an occasional splurge--e.g., a couple slices of pizza--and I'm up a pound or so.

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