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The Angry, Intense, Rushed Person

Coping with an angry, intense, rushed person, whether it's you or someone else. Read More


This is the new mantra for the new millennium: I'm special and everybody else needs to accommodate me.

You see, I'm an introvert, no make that autistic. Wait, let's call it an angry rushed person. Maybe with a touch of BPD and depression. But you? You are normal and well adjusted. Because you are normal you need to accommodate me while I behave badly, bounce off the walls, yell, become upset, hurl insults and don't get my way.

I'm special special, and you are not so put up with me, tolerate me, get out of my way. And I have many more rights than you, or at least I should.

And don't you dare ignore me because that would make you an inconsiderate hateful bully.

Please read more carefully

The article did not state nor imply that one should accept jerk-like behavior. It said the opposite. It not only stipulated to the unnacceptability of verbal, let alone physical aggressiveness, the article focused primarily on things Type A people can do to control their behavior.

Might your comment be an old tape you trot out when someone is asking for a bit of tolerance? If so, perhaps you might be wise to exercise a bit of that tolerance yourself.

I had this impression too

I had this impression too from the article. I lived with a mother type-A and to be truthful its not even by far not damaging someway to live around type-A personalities. The article says its a problem just for themselves, well, its not.

I don´t hate her today, I know much better how to deal with her, which includes from ignoring and going away to get even more angrier and stressed than her, which, by the way, sometimes its amazingly effective. I agree with the article that this type can be very industrious, but in the family and socially than can be horrible and that is something that sometimes it simply doesn´t pay off.

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