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I like everything in the typology. That doesn't help. I can't find other info on WITPAD.
I went to your blog. At the end of "Jennifer's story," it says, "There has to be a better way. There is. Read on."
Somehow I couldn't find the next part.

WITPAD and Jennifer's Story

I just created WITPAD so there's nothing more available on it.

Jennifer's story is an early chapter in my book Cool Careers for Dummies. I posted it on my blog as sample material

Did you seriously just write

Did you seriously just write "disabled or normal" as a category of person? Please change it. It's incredibly offensive and wildly out-dated to state that having a disability means someone is no longer "normal." "Non-disabled" is a perfectly adequate word. Or perhaps you could have written "people with or without disabilities."

You also might want to spend a few minutes interrogating your own prejudices. Offhand comments like this prove that you unconsciously hold some rather negative attitudes towards people with disabilities. The UN estimates that 15% of people have some form of disability- that's 1 billion people. Maybe talk to some of the people you know with a disability and ask them how they feel about being labelled "abnormal."

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