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6 Secrets to Making the Most of Your Time

You can manage time better...if you don't just treat the symptom. Read More

Great Tips!

These are great tips, but don't address a key question: why?

For many of us, our work will expand (or BE expanded) to fill the time - we will get more done, of the same stuff. There's no gain in terms of "finish that and get on with something more interesting/useful", it's do more, more quickly, and usually without increased reward, either financial or in terms of recognition.

I think one of the major underlying factors is the old "as long as you keep pretending to appreciate me and pretending to pay me, I'll keep pretending to work". That's the hurdle.

None of these are secrets.

None of these are secrets. Also, I think some of the things, like boating and hiking to a wedding, sound like a lot of fun.


Dear Anonymous,

As the article says, the most important reason to get a lot done even if it's not rewarded is that by being productive, you're making a bigger contribution, thereby making your life worthwhile. I write all these articles for Psychology Today without reward. It's certainly not because I need the clients. My practice is full. It just feels like I'm living a more worthy life by writing---for example, responding to your comment--than, for example, if I watched TV.

Most of it is said right.

Most of it is said right. Though i do suppose the choice of examples were a little tricky issue. But a nice article. But i do propose the is it that a person with a definite goal , a personal ambition and a need for self-actualisation is rather more active in time management? A person without these will obviously squander away his / her time. Think over it too. BUt yes for those who have these goals but still are unable to take first baby steps.....its okay.

Your choice

You could live your life or you could waste your time reading on internet how to make the most of your time. Is It Ironic?

What about chatterboxes at work

This all sound great, but what about people who waste your time? I have a co-worker that talks about nothing all the time. Some days I can explain that I have a lot to do and can't talk, but she is persistent and consistently talking about nothing and asking questions about things she has the answer to. So what how to deal with a walking time suck?

quality of life

I am always curious about time management as it is something I have to continuously attempt to stay abreast in this high paced society. I stay abreast at this speed even as it is unnatural for me, because it is expected. There is an external pressure saying, "you need to do more, be more successful, show more for your time" achieve better social status? More respect? While I agree that motivating and getting started is a really satisfying feeling and one that can build momentum to achieving a happy end, I do not agree that filling up every gap of ones time leads to happiness. "Efficiency" I believe can be attained using time wisely and sticking to task for a short period, not as an on going state of being. We need pauses, time to go slow and reflect, time to feel.....for this is how we are to remember empathy. Or create who and how we want to behave in the world. Possibly ponder a higher purpose. It is not the things we get done, exactly, that make us happy, but the process of achieving it. If it is in your nature to go fast, then go fast, but a stack of physical achievements is not a measure of inner happiness, or peace. Sometimes moving at a slower pace and taking time to look around, smell the air, and be present is, in the bigger picture of life, way more satisfying. When we are alone and our eyes are closed, our choices and the quality of these is what remains.

none of these are secrets

Randi, you're absolutely right. None of these are secrets. Indeed, I posted it with the title, "On Time." But the editors at Psychology Today have the right to make edits and they changed the title to "6 Secrets, "I'm guessing because it probably drives more traffic to the article. I don't like that but such is life in today's world.

I am also a PT blogger. If

I am also a PT blogger. If they change my titles I will be mad.


I have learned the hard way that while, in theory, making legitimate complaints to one's boss, is rational, in the real world you too often pay a price well in excess of any benefit.

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