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How everyday products make us sick.

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For those of you planning a home-cooked Valentine’s menu of delights – if this includes a pureed soup or a velvety chocolate pudding – your hand may be more likely to be pierced by a blender blade than your lover’s heart by Cupid’s arrow. Read More

User Error

Not to say that there are poorly made immersion blenders out there, but the instance you related of "blender trauma" was what I would refer to as user error.

If one has soupy particulate in the blade area of the blender (and really, soupy is about the only texture you're dealing with when you use an immersion blender), you get it loose by RINSING THE BLENDER, not by sticking your hand in it. [subtitle: you dim twit] Then you swish it around it soapy water a few times, then rinse in clean water. All of this while everything is still relatively fresh.

Of course, that doesn't deal with the fact that the product was obviously poorly made that the blade broke off in her finger but...really? WHY was she sticking her finger in it?

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Paul D. Blanc, M.D., M.S.P.H., is Professor of Medicine and Endowed Chair in Occupational and Environmental Medicine at the University of California San Francisco.


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