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Is it Possible to Over-Control Your Anger?

Just because anger is hidden does not mean it is harmless. Just because anger is under wraps does not mean it is under control. Burying anger does not diffuse it; rather, it tunnels it underground, where it undermines your sense of self and manifests in damaging ways. Learn how hidden anger may be manifesting in your life. Read More

A Unique Solution!

Hidden anger is truly detrimental; in fact, it is more harmful than anger shown. In order to get rid of it, one can try to throw it out dramatically, without any abhorrence. This is something I learned at


Another solution is to repent for it with heart



Anger is a sign that someone seriously needs to get over themselves. Really, no one cares about your pity-party feelings!

Anger management techniques

I am agreeing to the fact that anger is hidden in our emotions. It's always very difficult us to control anger in an uncontrollable situations. Smiling while hurting is a proof of over controlling of our anger.

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