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Men Like Heavier Women…Especially When Stressed Out!

Psychologically stressed men display a greater preference for women who exhibit heavier body types. This finding, among many others, further dispels the notion that evolutionary psychology is tantamount to biological determinism. By the way, this is my 200th post! Read More

I wish the pictures were

I wish the pictures were included with the article. I would've liked to know what the test subjects considered thin, normal and heavy. I also wonder what the people in the pictures faces looked like because I think that would have made a big difference too.

I'm highly sceptical of this

I'm highly sceptical of this study for this very reason! I looked up the pictures referenced in the original study, and they were just blanked out faces and clothed in dull grey... i.e. highly unrealistic to ask someone the rate the attractiveness of these! (see 3rd page of this PDF http://www.staff.ncl.ac.uk/m.j.tovee/Swami-FigScale-PAID-2008.pdf)


Wow, it is a lot of blogs Professor. Just go ahead and congratulations.


Thank you Edu.

It's nice to hear from you. Hope all is well.


In hindsight, I now realize

In hindsight, I now realize that my good friend, Maurice, has been VERY stressed out ever since I've known him. I'm going to recommend therapy and tell him about this interesting new theroy.

Interesting... not sure how

Interesting... not sure how this would apply to me personally, I've been highly stressed my entire life--loooong history w/ anxiety disorder(s), panic attacks etc. and general life/situational stress.. and by now probably just chronic exhaustion. Plenty of weight and appetite fluctuation in there as well (but that's probably mostly pharmaceutically-related) But my "taste" in women hasn't really changed much, ever..at least not as far as "heaviness." Although interestingly, my stress levels and libido seem to increase together (sometimes incl. tiredness) which has always seemed counterintuitive to me! lol.

The Venus figurines definitely came to mind reading this before I noticed it off to the side. I actually had a bio professor lecture about a lot of this one day several months ago, and said about those "For all we know, this was pornography for our ancestors!"

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