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Without Honor

Uthman Badar was going to talk about honor killings at FODI. He was banned--before saying a word. Not only did we lose an opportunity to defeat his viewpoint--we lost a chance to learn something about ourselves. Read More

Accomadating Madmen?

Isn't giving creedence to the theories of madmen
equavelent to allowing the inmates to run the aslylam?

Madmen and asylums

He's not obviously mad. Calling someone mad is code for unwillingness to engage with someone--and I see no reason to believe that he cant be engaged with. More to the point--others can see his arguments for what they are if they are aired.

We've already heard these

We've already heard these arguments. They're nothing new or interesting about them that we can learn from. We should give a platform to the women who have to live with irrational, violent, fundamentalist men. A far more interesting topic and a truly dangerous idea.

For example

This sort of thing needs to be publicised
If someone is going to get up in public and justify these things then they will cease to be hidden. It becomes increasingly difficult to hide it behind a cloak of spurious "islamophobia"

Have we?

I don't recall ever hearing a moral equivalence drawn between sending young men out to die for the nations honor and killing women for family honor before? Do you have a reference?
As I stated in the piece, I think that having a debater up there would have been a very useful demonstration of the superiority of liberal enlightenment ways of doing things over theocratic ones

I'm sorry but fanatical

I'm sorry but fanatical patriarchy is not part of human nature. It's a neolithic invention. Hunter gatherers did not display any behaviour of this sort.


Let's say you are right. Is culture not a part of human nature? where did it/does it come from?

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