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Easter Eggs

Ishtar, Eostre, Easter. The well-balanced fertility goddess has a sex toy in each hand. Read More


Well smack my hide and call me sexist! My feminism did not serve me well during that little question. Thanks for the stimulating article ;)


Err, thanks. I think?

Origins of the sexes

"Since females arrived on the scene first then it follows that they created males."

Sexual reproduction is the combination of two haploid cells. If these cells are the same size - isogamous - then there is neither female nor male. We only get female and male gametes when we get gametes of different sizes - anisogamy. And these were most likely originally within the same hermaphroditic body ie a body that is neither male nor female, or both male and female if you like.

There is a good question/answer post here at "Ask a Biologist" to explain this more thoroughly:

I got so confused because I

I got so confused because I assumed the surgeon was female, so my answer was that the son grew up with her.

How would that lead to her

How would that lead to her answer?

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