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The Myth of the Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm

Doris Lessing. Sex Educator Read More

Mythology vs cultural construction

Everything about female sexual response seems to me - a women - to simply scream biology. So it is not women who mythologize or "socially construct" here, it is men.

I find it very telling that you have so far not raised the issue of the Major Histocompatibility Complex. As in, "interpret "nice" smell???

Hi Helga, tha.ks,for your

Hi Helga, tha.ks,for your thoughts. Yes, my guess is that its MHC that is responsible. O kind of hinted at it, I thought. We don't have anything solid yet but I bet I could set up a genetic dating agency

my observations

Ive seen a TON of female articles/blogs (usually from self-identified feminists/pseduo-feminists,sex researcher types etc.) They LOVE talking about this topic because they know that they can always attempt to blame not having one on the guy and do so with great vigor and often misandry.Its easy for them to dial it down to the size of a guys wang for example then to deal with their own selves.They (not all) use it to try and create insecurity in the male and thus giving themselves a sick one-up-man-ship and empowerment trip.

That's too bad. It sounds

That's too bad. It sounds like you've stumbled on some ill-informed articles and blogs. Most of the articles I've read do the exact opposite. They try to give advice and tips so that people can experience good sex, regardless of penis size, or of women's body shape, everything. I've even seen advice for men with micro-penises on how to give their partner pleasure, and vice versa. It's true there's a lot of bad advice and bad information out there; we just have to try and find the good and ignore the bad.

Hi. Well, to a biologist the

Hi. Well, to a biologist the question is, why does this work? We can only hurt each other in certain ways. Usually these ways are areas of intra or inter sexual competition.

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