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On Music in Restaurants

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What I'd pay extra money for

If there was a way for each booth in a resteraunt to be somehow audio-sealed, so sound couldn't escape or come in, I'd pay extra for that. Patrons could select from an in-booth jukebox what music they wanted to hear (or bring their own), and every customer would be satisfied.
A system like this would allow large gatherings to remain both private and undisruptive; patrons with children wouldn't need to worry about being too loud or too much noise overwhelming babies. Individuals with sensory issues could have a calm & quiet meal, while still being out and about in public.
I know a lot of people would complain that it would be more "cocooning", but sometimes that's exactly what we need.

Great idea

I completely agree: I also think that the first restaurant to offer this will benefit from a lot of free marketing!

Music in restaurants

I guess my question would be do you go to a restaurant to eat and enjoy the company of fellow diners or do you go to listen to the music?

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