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The Happiness Trap

It is not only that the bar for happiness is set too high, but also that it is set in the wrong place, and that it is, in fact, the wrong bar. Jump and you’ll only break your back. Read More

Economic Error

Why do economists concentrate on salaries instead of NET WORTH?

They have promoted consumerism and cash flow. The treadmill does not make us happy but it keeps us being USED.


Running a planet of 7 billion people on defective algebra. When do they ever mention Net Domestic Product?

work smarter not harder. When

work smarter not harder. When america really figures this out and can apply it again through some sort of new job innervation, we will rise again as the greatest country in the world. If not we will be like many japanese/chinese, expected to work 70 hours a week.

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Neel Burton, M.D., is a psychiatrist, philosopher, and writer who lives and teaches in Oxford, England.


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