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Is the Executive Brain Different?

The Wall Street Journal presented some findings about the “executive brain,” based on neuro-imaging, a technique for observing the brain’s activity while engaged in thinking. It turns out that the executive brain is no different from any other brain. The suggestions it makes for effective performance apply to all forms of thinking. Read More

Since when do employees need

Since when do employees need to be creative? the vast majority of jobs just need people to do what they are told, and get it done asap so they can be pushed to get more pointless stuff done. Thusly, creating environments where there is pressure is beneficial.

The last thing the economy needs is relaxed employees being creative. If this happened they might end up being 'negatively creative' (questioning things), and then we are all screwed.

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Ken Eisold is a psychoanalyst and organizational consultant whose book about the unconscious, What You Don't Know You Know, came out in January.


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