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Why Is the World More Depressed?

There is good reason to believe that the world is getting more depressed. T.M. Luhrmann, Professor of Anthropology at Stamford, travels a lot, frequently to the third world, so she has a chance to sample what people say and note how that changes over time. But she also cites data such as the World Health Organization’s report that “suicide rates have increased 60 percent. Read More

There are many reasons for

There are many reasons for the increase on depression, but within the U.S. the culture presents somewhat of a perfect storm for mental health.
1. Americans are overworked
2. Right to work states give no job security, people loose their jobs at the drop of a hat.
3. No universal health care (Obamacare is a sad joke) People loose their homes due to health conditions.
4. The value of a person is determined by carrier or financial success.
5. We interact with each other much less than other cultures (we have less time).
6. Undue emphasis on the individual (the individual is responsible for everything that happens to him or her)

people here are on edge, medicated just to cope with the demands of daily life, specially work demands.

land of the free? no. home of the slave.

yep. i live in the USA. almost all i do is work, and i'm sick of it. it really doesn't matter how hard you work, either, it's never good enough, and the primary tools used for keeping workers motivated are competition and fear of layoffs. i've remained competitive for several years and survived many rounds of layoffs as a result, but i'm running out of steam and am afraid my unemployment time draws near. it's depressing and fuels substance dependency.

without it, however, you just become a permanent burden to your few friends and family left who still actually have some sort of income and are kind enough to help. i think many people have learned to cope with this by adopting mental illness as their normal state of functioning, and just exploit others to get their needs met. it's either that, or kill yourself.

Quite right

If you see through the persistent rhetoric you cannot but notice that great wealth ALWAYS relies on slave labour - it is just the shackles that change.

Put any of the 'deserving' gazillionaires on an empty island and watch how 'wealthy' they become ...
We had a kind of slave in cheap oil that did a lot of work for us. This age is drawing to an end, and life will be tougher for everyone (apart from those lucky b***ards who then insists they are morally superior too).

Just stop buying this ideological trash!
And acknowledge your fear.
The US of A might be counted amongst the most angst-ridden countries in the world, where harmless teenagers breaking into a home are being shot dead by an elderly man, on purpose, filled with hatred and anxiety.
Get out of this atmosphere, if you can, because it is toxic ...

In addition to the points

In addition to the points that Homer makes:
1. Toxic overload in our food
2. Pollution in our air/water/soil
3. A totally inhumane value system based around economy
4. A lack of recognition of the need for care and compassion in a humane society, which overrides any monetary gains or losses
5. Sensory overload, via numerous 'progressive technologies'
6. An indoctrinating educational system that seeks to produce robots to keep the materialist wheels of production/consumption and economic growth turning
7. An overly oppressive and policed state
8. A total disconnect from 'who we are', from nature, from the planet and all of it's inhabitants.
I could continue - it's my theory that our species is not meant to be living the way we are, our lifestyles are generally too stressful and lack meaning and purpose - hence we exist as opposed to living which results in a suppressed inner conflict. The conflict being within ourselves as we don't 'know ourself' and additionally with the environment as it is ultimately unhealthy for us physically, psychologically and spiritually to be living 'modern civilised lives'.
I fully expect greater and greater numbers of individuals to become more and more stressed and depressed if we continue with the notion that the 'way it is' is working just fine and that science and technology will 'save' us.
We don't need to throw the baby out with the bathwater - but we do, both individually and collectively, need to take a long hard look at ourselves, our lifestyles and the suffering, destruction and harm that is being caused upon and to the planet - and ask ourselves how we are contributing to that. As Ghandi said, there's enough for everybody's need but not for everybody's greed. Civilised cultures, particularly over the last century or two, have just got greedier and greedier and greedier. Personally there are many times that I feel like I'm living in a very literal nightmare.........

The problem is our worship of

The problem is our worship of free market fundamentalism. Our economic system is really a religion, and the point of religions is not to make us happy, but to makes us serve someone else while believing we are doing it for our own good.
Truth be told, some people can function perfectly well in our current system, mainly psychopaths. They not only function well but prosper within the current economic paradigm; they constitute a disproportionate number of those in power, or in the corporate world. .
Of course, most of us cannot function so well, we suffer, live with depression. But that’s because we are sinners. We lack the mental fortitude to survive in the dog eat dog world of market fundamentalism. Depression is a symptom of our inadequacy.
It is really a form of Social Darwinism which favors the psychopath.
Depression is the punishment we suffer for not having evolved into homo economicus.

well said, homer. I agree. I

well said, homer. I agree. I cannot thrive in this society. I have been taken advantage of in multiple ways by several sociopaths throughout my life. Men and women, "friends," and "girlfriends" who "loved" me. Just screwed up people I was intrigued by at first, but ended up increasingly victimized by until the bitter end of the relationship.

It's not that I haven't had my fair share of relationships with good, decent people. But as people have come and gone, in and out of my life, it's the initially charming, interesting and fun, but ultimately proven psychopathic, narcissistic, borderline, sociopathic, selfish, controlling, empathy lacking, and/or otherwise high-conflict people who seem to have outnumbered and overshadow the others in my memory and now warped attachment style. Now I find myself lacking in friends and lonely somewhat by choice, which is depressing, but feels safe, especially given I'm stuck for now living in the city of sin as a sinner that sins.

But I still remain genuine and honest in the face of sin. There's no excuse for deceiving, using or abusing others. So many folks out there seemingly just don't get that, or don't care, and are often rewarded for it! So, why change? It's like a mentally ill, personality disordered apocalypse out there. I feel like boarding up my windows, arming myself, and focusing on attracting the least attention possible. God Bless America! Land of the Free? NO! Home of the slave!

I think everyone brought up

I think everyone brought up great points. On top of all of the points being made, I would like to add social media can sometimes make people feel depressed. Some people are preoccupied with becoming an Internet personality or Internet famous. Some people need validation from thousands or millions of followers, fans, etc. Being famous now-a-days means you are visible, important, validated, etc. Then they have to deal with mean comments online or Internet trolls.

Some people are focused on keeping up with the joneses. Material things. Some women feel depressed when life doesn't go according to their planes and they turn 30 y.o. single, childless, in debt, etc.

I think there are a lot of social and interpersonal things going on in USA that is aiding in our depression. I have never met so many 25 years olds and 30 y.o. who feel like a loser because they are not married with kids without the 6 figure career.

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