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Are Family Businesses Lazy?

The CEOs of family businesses “worked 8% fewer hours than managers without genetic ties to their companies.” This conclusion was reached by a study of CEOs in India, but it “found similar disparities in Brazil, Britain, France, Germany, Italy and the U.S.,” according to an article in The Wall Street Journal. But what does that mean? Read More

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I think a major reason to be

I think a major reason to be an entrepreneur is to create the life that you want, for yourself and your family. Maybe people hire their kids or other family members because they trust them more, or because the kid will be more successful working for them than someone else, or because they don't want their kids to have to be wage slaves to someone else, or beholden to work crazy hours to satisfy shareholders. The whole point of being an entrepreneur is being able to create the life you want, not satisfying CEOs of other companies who work longer hours.

And who cares if the business is still alive in three generations? The business only needs to support the people who want it at that point in time. After that, the business can close, if family members would rather pursue something else.

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Ken Eisold is a psychoanalyst and organizational consultant whose book about the unconscious, What You Don't Know You Know, came out in January.


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