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10 Tips for Helping Your Grieving Pet

Pets feel a loss just like people do. They can also go through a grieving process. Here are 10 ways to help your surviving pets adapt to the loss of their buddy. Read More

Your grieving pet

As well as the psychological tips,I would also add holistic support in the form of Bach Flower remedies i.e. 'Walnut' for transitional phase from their lost companion,'Sweet chestnut' for extreme desolation, 'honeysuckle' for bereavement and 'Star of Betheleham' for shock. Also is the all rounder 'Rescue remedy' for shock, pain and stress. In addition Homeopathic Ignatia 30c x 2 daily for 5 days.

great post /good advice

Our family has been through a few pet losses since November and our 9yr old kitty didn't take the first two very well. (Didn't help that she and I have always been very well bonded, and I'm sure my distress was getting to her as well). She stopped eating twice and it took two visits to her vet, two trips to the ER, a trip to the specialist to find out that she was just really stressed (we're not even going to talk about the $$$, but there is no pricetag on our baby). It was a good few months before she was back to her old self.

It was rough and forced us to tiptoe around her while trying to integrate our surviving kitten into the household without stressing her out again (still a work in progress).

I still find myself obsessing over her..not wanting to leave her or let anyone else take care of her. I try not to smother her but that's much easier said than done, especially when she and I have had an extremely special bond since I found her. (She just gets annoyed with all the kisses and cuddles and puts up with them until I'm done.) Lol

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