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The Gift

Creation colluded with Opportunity and I was Born

And Creation laughed at the request from the young soul, and said, “Why of course you can experience that. We shall consult with Opportunity to work out the specifics before you enter.”

Opportunity reviewed the paper work, and thought deeply, seriously, about the specifics. He said Creation,

 “Well, first we will have to get rid of some of his cerebral cortex- because thinking and calculation and reasoning will get in the way of the direct audio connection he seeks. And he will need a direct audio connection to resonate to Music the way he desires. We must also eliminate vision, as eyesight will only detract from the special auditory skills he needs.”

Creation thought deeply about the best way to get this done. Creation made a call to his genetics specialist. Reclining backwards in his chair, he was deeply engrossed in the conversation.

 “Ah yes, I see, he said, “yes I understand,” and Creation wrote up the prescription, and discussed the details with Opportunity.

“Well, he said, turns out there are no genetic conditions that express specifically enough for the young spirit to vibrate with the necessary frequency that will fit this bill, but there is another way…”

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Creation colluded with Opportunity and they agreed…

“We better put him in a house with a piano.”

And so I was Born.

23 weeks inside my mothers womb was all it took for creation and opportunity produce my special gifts and talents. At the time of my birth the doctors placed me on life support. Oxygen through the tiniest nasal prongs; a feeding tube of equally small caliber. They told my mother, an elementary school music teacher, that my chances were few. Most babies could not survive in such a premature status.

I was in no real danger though, but the doctors and nurses had no real way of knowing that. They were doing their best to keep me alive. They were doing what they had been trained to do. Creation and Opportunity turned the project over to Destiny who made sure the precise life circumstances would have ample conditions to unfold in precisely the correct way.

At 23 weeks, my brain did not fully develop. I was blind, and could not see, I was mentally handicapped, with very limited substantive thinking and reasoning. I was handicapped.

But I was music.

I was born into time with the ability to vibrate to sound to resonate to notes and chords and song in perfect pitch and tambour. I could sing like a nightingale- and I only needed to hear a song once and it was mine; in its totality. A feat beyond reason, beyond the comprehension of the country day school I attended at 3 years old. Nursery rhymes were child play for this three year old. At five, it was Beethoven and Strauss who caught my attention and I effortlessly sat down at a piano, played each note once, and reproduced Vivaldi as Spring was playing softly in the background.

I could sing and play unencumbered by worry and concern for the world at arms, the battle for equality and social justice. My mom, who sat with me at the piano day after day, reveling in the music of our life, loved me deeply.

I was connected to all the music ever played, and I was connected to all the music that could be played, yet lay silent un-played by any human. A single note was like a snowflake in giant snowstorm- a single note could take me to rhapsody so divine 20 hours at the piano was unfulfilling.

In a lifetime of joy, I was afforded opportunity to entertain a great number of souls with my gift, and I was incapable of intentionally harming a single human soul.

What a gift!


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