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How Psychology is Revolutionizing War

Psychology and the Study of Leadership

The formal study of leadership is fragmented across disciplines. Because of its scientific foundation, psychology provides the natural home for the systematic study of leadership. Read More

Born to lead

I agree 100%. Thank you for sharing this.

That leaves one wondering

As experiments are few and even the definition of leadership is difficult to pin down, what do you then teach Dr. Matthews?

If I may ask, where outside of West Point can I find and read this information?

Thank you,
A newly commissioned ROTC LT

teaching leadership

LT - hunt down my work email and we can correspond. I integrate leadership into the psychology courses I teach. The details are beyond the scope of this venue, but glad to exchange ideas about it if you wish.

Agree And...

HI Michael, I'm working to develop a leadership certificate at my university and fully agree with your sentiment. My addition is that leadership would benefit from an integration of several fields of study. Psychology certainly, but also history, political science, communication, and maybe a little management.

Heidi, good luck putting your

Heidi, good luck putting your program together. And while I see psychology as the core discipline, getting perspectives from different fields is good too.

There are some resources out there

Not only do I completely agree, but I might suggest looking into some of the research they are doing at the University of Georgia in their department of IO psychology. Pioneers such as Dr. Karl Kuhnert are doing precisely this. Although not main stream yet, it is nice to know that there are people out there working towards this goal.

University of Georgia program

University of Georgia program looks great!

The course ILAD5100 looks

The course ILAD5100 looks interesting. Good to see institutions including programs like these.

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Michael D. Matthews, Ph.D., is Professor of Engineering Psychology at the United States Military Academy and author of Head Strong: How Psychology is Revolutionizing War.


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