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What Freud never knew

What Women Find Sexy

A new study reveals why women are attracted to certain physical characteristics in men. Read More

Excellent article

As a clinical psychologist I've often wondered about women in my practice who keep picking men who look tall dark and handsome but prove to be ungratifying partners in living. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts plus this excellent research summary on this issue.

[a fellow PT blogger]

Good post.

Very interesting! Yet I would guess that higher moral disgust would be positively correlated with a preference for less masculine men, due to less fidelity and investment of resources being seen as less moral than a man who is more faithful and generous. I guess this begs the question: is general moral disgust in females at all related to their mating habits? (Does moral disgust serve an evolutionary purpose for women in mating?) Just rambling. :)

Men are men

Most men will be unfaithful if given the opportunity with little risk of discovery. Men in shape, will naturally have more opportunities to be unfaithful. Or in other words, the normal joe behaves himself because...wait for it..wait for it...he hasn't had the chance to cheat. Duh!

A man is only as faithful as

A man is only as faithful as his options ;)

What I find sexy

a man in a suit. Naked, nah...not so much...but a man in a sport jacket or suit....and if he wears cufflinks (rare), I am toast.

I believe there was also a

I believe there was also a study that showed when women are in more violent environments, they tend to like the more masculine male more than the more feminine male. Which does seem obvious, if you feel threatened, then you want someone who can protect you.

How sad?

If only "macho men" could also commit. God, I love a man with a deep voice and strong facial features...too bad attractive men apparently aren't good for the long-term. Can anyone venture a guess as to why this is?

Thanks for the article. Interesting read.

perception is not necessarily the truth

There is a problem in your thinking. You are assuming that your phenomenological experience accurately conforms to reality. That is not necessarily the case. Lets take an example.

Karen is at a club, and she is the prettiest one there, her experience is that she is heavily attracted to the masculine men. Suddenly, a group of models enter in the club, and those masculine men start to be seen as morally bad, as unwilling to commit. Does this mean that the character of the men have changed? The answer is no. This is just how her psyche is processing information, which is not based upon knowing reality for what it really is, but upon what helped one to survive and pass on their genes in the EEA. Granted, what helped us to survive does gives us useful information, but not necessarily true information.

One of those masculine men could have been raised by people that value fidelity and commitment, and he could have internalized those values. The only problem is that the psychology that is creating your initial phenomenological experience is not able to perceive that.

Re: Mark on perception

Interesting comment about perception of experience. Perhaps the environment in which people are raised plays a huge role in their values of fidelity.

Keep in mind that the way one is treated and the opportunities presented will alter the perception of the masculine male as well. He will perceive that he has many options, that many beautiful women reveal through their eyes that they find him sexually attractive, and that he is able to gain sex with a lesser investment than other males.

So the experience of the male is important in this discussion.

what it really is.

"But given their uncharitable qualities, why do they continue to be so spellbinding?"

Because women are irrational people. in particular certain minority women (that repeatedly emasculate men of their own racial/cultural background by engaging in a white-worshipping slave mentality) this is directly connected to an idea of "masculinity" That should be your next article.

I think this clip proves it all


Just be Happy with Life Period!

You know, when I read this stuff, I really feel inadequate. So much is expected of men and for that matter, women, but I am so sick of trying to figure it out. I am much happier ignoring all the banter and just having fun. Should that not be attractive? Unfortunately it does not work for me. I am just an average guy trying to get along. And I am married now for 24 years with two great children! I read this stuff for two reasons: pure interest and I think I am trying to reconcile my past. Always a losing exercise. Good bye for now.


women cannot make up their minds,their prefernces change with the wind...women make poor choices and then cannot handle the responsibility nor the consequences of their own decisions.Then the blame game comes...this article is pretty stereotypical and ive seen the SAME blog a million times over...originality= a zero.

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Vinita Mehta, Ph.D., Ed.M., is a clinical psychologist and journalist. She was formerly the Development Producer and Science Editor of PBS's This Emotional Life.


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