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Negotiation: Who Plays the Game Better?

Are men better negotiators than women? On one hand, some may argue that men have a more competitive nature, are more aggressive, understand how to use power to their advantage, and appear more business savvy than women. On the other hand, others may argue women bring the relational aspect into a negotiation and look to create a win-win for both parties. Read More

Gender is merely one of

a myriad of theoretical constructions that collectively,we have been conditioned to accept as 'part of life.'

However,once a level of education and maturity are attained-and rational thought as well as an inquisitive nature-this concept is easily discarded.

We are in fact all the same.

And so consequently

some 'people' are better negotiators, than others.Of course.

But for the author to make such a statement that infers that men and women exist as almost separate entities, is indicative of a most fundamental lack of knowledge about human nature:

Whether we develop the physical sexual characteristics that have traditionally been imposed upon human beings as indicative of separate 'male' or 'female' 'identities'-so as to divide them and deny them an integral part of their true nature-does not change the truth that each of us contain dual natures.

Male and female.

To the ancients-who languished in ignorance and superstition- their world was experienced as flat;and it was.It appeared that way,more or less...just like ours' does.

But we now understand that even though we may experience the world as 'flat' it is not.

And just because someone appears as what has been traditionally labeled 'male' or 'female' does not make it so:

Every human being begins their life with 23 pair of chromosomes from both parents-what has been called-their mother and father.

No one is 'singular' in identity;we are dualities in our natures.

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Audrey Nelson is an international corporate communication consultant, trainer, author, and keynote speaker.


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