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Conquest or Community: How Men and Women Approach Work

Men learn quickly that they are the breadwinners. They are expected to work. They have to support themselves and probably a significant other and children. Granted, some men in Generation X and Y have moved back home with the folks and somewhere missed the concept that they actually have to work and earn money. Read More

How Dichotomous

The world isn't so black-and-white. Not every man is a "stereotypical male," and not every woman is a "stereotypical female." Likewise, not everyone follows a strictly "masculine" or strictly "feminine" approach to their careers. Enough with all the misleading gender research already.

Male drive for working

I've found in my work that both genders actually tend to seek to make an impact when they are highly motivated. So for men I believe it's not so much about winning as it is about having influence. This can be "good" or "bad", but I genuinely believe the "breadwinner" mentality is dying out among higher performing workers, to be replaced with "making your mark".

Just a thought.

Please stop kicking generation X and Y when they're down

My generation graduated into the worst macroeconomic crisis since WW2. As for myself, I managed to get a few roles by trying absurdly hard, and I was able to move out. However some roles are only temporary, and others end due to a lack of economic demand. Other people my age are trapped in part time work, or zero hour contracts. Above all, there aren't enough jobs for everyone.

When I lost my job, I had to move back in, or become homeless. Due to cutbacks in the military, police and fire service, it is impossible to get something - anything - to support moving out. If you get a supermarket job, everyone feels the need to tell you to 'get a proper job' or call you a failure. Of course supermarket wages can't pay a mortgage, and there is a chronic housing shortage in the UK which pushes house prices out of the reach of my age group.

If your generation left work or created more jobs for my generation, and built more houses, there wouldn't be so many young men and women staying at home. Until this happens, please be a bit more understanding.

Stop it!

My God, I'm sick and tired of all those simplistic "men are like this, and women are like that" articles. Jeez, publish something meaningful please!

Work for men is about winning.

I agree that we men have been taught we are the bread winners and that is our role in society. It certainly feels we have less choice than women of similar education.

I am not a the top of a fortune 500 company, most men aren't. Many of us come to work to try and be as successful as we can because we have mouths to feed rather than the comment suggest that we are hunting a more impressive job title.

I do wish writing like this would stop looking at just Alpha males at the top of the tree who are competitive but the rest of us normal guys.

BTW the most competitive office I have ever worked in was 90% female Gen Y, none of whom had any sense of cooperation.

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