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The Seven Most Asked Questions about Gender Communication

How did men and women acquire their communication styles? Aren’t we just born that way; did we learn it? Is it nature or nurture? Can men and women learn to change and adapt their styles? Haven’t we been this way forever? How do you expect us to change? Read More

Still, huh?

I think what irks me is the sentiment that: "there's *still* a wage gap," or in this blog post: "the wage gap *still* persists." The word "still" is frequently used every time the topic of wage gap between males and females comes up. What annoys me is that the word, "still," connotes that the wage gap isn't narrowing despite all efforts.

So my question is: is the wage gap actually narrowing? If it is, then why not focus on the positives? As in, hey, the wage gap is narrowing, so clearly we're on the right track as a society; let's keep it up. I believe that positivity is better at effecting change than negativity.

If the wage gap isn't narrowing despite all efforts, then maybe we *are* beating a dead horse because maybe we're going about it wrong. Maybe we need to spend more time identifying the root causes of the problem before trying to solve it.

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