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Go Home and Put on Some Clothes: Has Casual Friday Gone Over the Top?

There is no dress rehearsal for a first impression. You hate to admit it, but don't underestimate it: we judge a book by its cover. Not fair? Nope. But it's human nature. We look at people and size them up. And women are judged more harshly and by a different yardstick than men. A woman's credibility can be on the line with her hemline. What a woman wears to work reflects and can be constructed as an indicator of her judgment. Read More

Criminal Footwear


Even "designer" flip-flops are FLIP-FLOPS!


flip flops

Not only are there designer flip flops, but they have their own knockoffs!

Double argh!

Flip flops of any kind are

Flip flops of any kind are for the beach! Not work. Too casual.

Over the top

I know y'all can't read this, but my homepage really is "HawaiianShirtFriday.Com" and I just HAD to post something here!

Okay Audrey, let me start by saying you are fabulous! You have a PHD, so I know you know it's not about casual=slob. You can easily dress down into comfortable clothes without looking like you woke up in a dumpster.

Look at Hawaiians. They invented the Hawaiian shirt, and no Hawaiian ever looks bad in a good aloha. Tourists, maybe, but only because they don't know better.

It's about casual=cool. Your readers should get themselves into something crisp and new, with an intelligently designed print and a good fabric, maybe some nice khaki down below, and they're set. And tuck it in, America! You can pull the shirttails out when you get home, but at work its good shirt, good pants, tuck it in, and belt it up.

Sorry, had a rant moment there.

If you have seen some of the great shirts I have seen, there would be no question, Hawaiian shirt Friday is the best of both worlds, you can look great and sophisticated at the same time. You will look like a world traveller, and world travellers are so classy they have their on class, even in the airplane.

TGI(HS)F people!!!

Hawaiian shirts are

Hawaiian shirts are appropriate if you are going to Hawaii or work in the tourist industry. No one would questions the vibrancy and fun of a Hawaiin shirt. Not for the meeting to close a deal on the mainland.

Addams family fashion

Hey Audrey,

"Hawaiian shirts are appropriate if you are going to Hawaii or work in the tourist industry. No one would questions the vibrancy and fun of a Hawaiin shirt. Not for the meeting to close a deal on the mainland"

Well said. Even I wouldn't say to wear something that would draw attention of the wrong kind (people can be petty this way, esp in a closed environment). That post was for folks that can imagine "hawaiian shirt" and "tasteful" used in the same sentence, they're just not looking at the right aloha shirts!

I feel bad for anybody that has to work in a work evironment where they can't wear anything they wouldn't be buried in.


It's hard to find skirts that

It's hard to find skirts that are not tight. Many of those that are available are excessively casual, such as broomstick skirts. I have just found some long formal skirts that reach the ankle, yet they are not A-line skirts, so they emphasize my large behind. I don't have trouble finding skirts that are long enough, although many are a little on the short side, but then, I'm a short woman, so I'm sure it's harder for taller women. The industry seems to have decided that women must need short, tight skirts but very long blouse sleeves, if the blouse has long sleeves.

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