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Happiness With Others 4: Don't Be Needy

Self-doubt, insecurity, and neediness can not only destroy happiness in and of themselves, but they can make a person unattractive to others, thereby creating a never-ending, happiness-destroying vicious circle. Read More

Anxiety is a horrible thing.

Anxiety is a horrible thing. THere are so many ways to deal with it!

Don't be needy

I can pretend to not be needy for the length of a dinner or an outing, but pretending won't work once there's any real sharing. The changes described in this article seem about as accessible as eating right and exercising.

I recognized myself in your

I recognized myself in your article--not that I define my worth in terms of the relationship I'm in, but I define it in terms of how much work I'm accomplishing at my job. This trait of mine has been bothering me for a while. Thanks for the insight on a tool to help manage this.

Great Advice

I've seen myself fall into the neediness in my current relationship, and I think this article is going to help me plenty. Especially since it's something that I don't usually do, I feel like I can "nip it in the bud".

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Russell Grieger, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice, an organizational consultant and trainer, and an adjunct professor at The University of Virginia.

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