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Happiness with Others 3: Be Generous of Spirit

Find out how to rocket your happiness to new levels by becoming a living, breathing source of generosity. Read More

Truly Inspiring!

It is human to help others! However, this small act of kindness actually reaps immense happiness - this is something even I have experienced. I was inspired by reading:

This is good advice..

This is good advice. I'm found, though, that when a person is extremely unhappy they have no inner resources to share. In other words, no love in, no love out. This may be particularly true if a person tends toward neediness or selfishness. If this person is unhappy, it's terribly hard for him or her to generously share of themselves. Tangible gifts are actually easier - and possibly better then nothing. But what you say is true. When we give to others, we are rewarded ourselves.

Pleasure Doesn't Equal Happiness! Really?

Are you making the mistake of confusing pleasure with happiness? Good video blog that explains the difference between the two. It's an important distinction to understand!

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