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Happiness With Others 2: Take Nothing Personal

Living with and among others is never easy. It will inevitably bring you slights, insults, and other offenses. Learn in this blog how to increase your happiness quotient by eliminating all hurt, feelings of offense, defensiveness, and anger, opening the way to gathering as much love and pleasure as you can. Read More

Thank you.

Thank you.

I find that "privileged" and

I find that "privileged" and favorites are allowed to take things personally, and whoever is lower social class is more often than not viewed as a the troublemaker and nuisance...the one that has to "change" or let go. This biased is very disheartening when you're on the receiving end. And no one wants to listen to you because you are "lower social class"...status whatever you want to call it.

Boys are privileged...rich

Boys are privileged...rich people are privileged...good looking people are privileged...gregarious/loud talking people are privileged...white people are privileged...athletic people are privileged...tall people are privileged...AND just acting like you are entitled demands that others treat you as privileged....

I just dont allow people who

I just dont allow people who treat me poorly to stay in my life. It has worked so far and I dont have to put up with drama or jerks.

How to treat bad treatment

I agree, Anonymous. I am sure that the author is right that people's behaviour towards one often has more to do with who they are than who one is oneself. However, even if it is true that people behave badly towards one because of purely personal problems they may have, this does not mean that one should try to fool oneself into believing that one is not hurt by their behaviour - hurt is hurt, no matter whether intended or not. Secondly, it should also not imply that one has to put up with the hurt such behaviour has caused, particularly if one is not the cause of their problems. I feel that the author should follow up this article with one on ways of responding to bad treatment other than by putting up with it, even if and when it is not intended to be personal. The hurts which are meted out because of the hurter's internal issues are often much more serious and far-reaching than those fairly innocuous examples given by the author.

I had this stint at Wendy's

I had this stint at Wendy's and one time my shift supervisor tells me to clean up one of the women's washroom stall -- there was stinky baby poo splattered everywhere! And although there were newer workers...she didn't ask any of them (they were white) -- she chose me. People like me are sought out for "special" kinds of duties...I think we are called "minions" and are despicable! LOL.

And this Wendy's restaurant only gave me TWO hour shifts working fries -- the busiest time being lunchtime. Three hour shifts was the minimum required by law...they broke the law, but claimed that I had signed a contract before being hired, agreeing to any hours they give me (I think I had worked 3 or 4 shifts a week). That restaurant was a "training store" and should have served as a better model. Not only did they break employment laws, after I left that store I found out the General Manager was arrested on fraudulent charges...if I remember correctly, I think he siphoned money to buy himself appliances for his home. This was the same manager who interviewed me and liked my "bubbly" personality.

Privileged people seem to think they are the only ones deserving of happiness and rewards...and that certain people exist to serve those needs, and should be grateful for any crumbs they throw at you. "If you don't like how things are, go back to your country!" I think privileged people live by this motto.

I have experienced that when

I have experienced that when being interviewed by a gregarious "SALES" type person -- they mainly look for personality and will remark whether you have one, regardless of the position they are trying to fill...everything else about you is secondary or unimportant in their eyes. Sales type personality are also more influenced by looks. So if an interviewer picks you out for your "bubbly" personality -- you are bound to be working for a gregarious SALES type boss -- probably ESTP. Run for your life! Chances are they will corrupt your life or the company that they work for.

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