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May I suggest that popularity

May I suggest that popularity in school situations is a highly transient value. (Disclosure: I am 65.) In high school I was one of the middle grounders, having friends but was definitely not part of the in-crowd. Nobody invited me to the prom, etc,etc.
Today, decades later, those high school friends are still close. I've had positive work experiences, a good marriage and have a terrific now-adult kid.
Is it possible that one of the mistakes we make these days is to imagine that our teen lives mark us forever and dictate how we will be in the future?
I understand that we did not have smart phones, FB, and all sorts of
other distractions and problems to affront in those days. Is there a way to find a middle ground? What is the real issue here???

I completely agree: Genuine

I completely agree: Genuine friendships are far more important than transient popularity, which is primarily a concern of tweens and teens. Lucky you for being one of the middle grounders! All of our experiences influence us, but they're just one point along the way, and they don't have to mark us forever. Happily, for most of us, there is a lot of life beyond middle school.

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